Email Marketing

Email marketing remains one of the best ways to reach your target audience, both potential customers and current customers. Lack of follow-up with your audience hurts sales, retention, and is one of the biggest struggles.But with an opt-in email marketing campaign, follow-up can go from a pain to a pleasure. 4 Net Solutions helps organizations like yours design creative and trackable email marketing campaigns.

Strategic Planning before Email Marketing

We take into consideration your audience, your message, and your company to determine whether email marketing is a good fit. If so, we plan out a detailed email marketing strategy just for you.

Email List Building

Our top priority is building a very targeted opt-in email list for your company. 4 Net Solutions will help you develop a compelling free offer which will help build your list with potential customers who want to hear from you. Part of our process is adding an opt-in form to your website and creating landing pages to help quickly build your opt-in list.

Creative Email Marketing

With email marketing sometimes you need to get your message across effectively with a small space. Our email templates are custom designed to match your current brand and fit the quirky requirements of email. We will even go the extra step to test your custom design in all of the email browsers such as Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook.

Automation of Email Marketing

Email marketing can actually help you work less through automation. Wouldn't you love to follow up with your prospective customers automatically without having to think about it? Automatically send an email based on a key date such as a birthday? 4 Net Solutions will build time delayed follow-up sequences to put your marketing on auto-pilot.

Email Marketing Campaign Administration

4 Net Solutions uses the top email marketing solutions to track opt-outs, remove incorrect addresses, and ensure high deliverability. We also provide you access to your account, so you can use our customized templates to send out e-mails as needed.

Measurement is Mandatory

Measuring your marketing success is part of our brand promise. Every e-mail marketing campaign is tracked, and you'll see how well your campaigns convert, and engage those that respond. We track open rates, click rates, opt-out rates, and bounce rates for each campaign you send. Also, we can run a report to see the list of people who opened, clicked, opted out, or whose email address bounced. This information allows us to test and tailor future campaigns for maximum profits.

Testing – Where It All Comes Together

Measurement without testing is like planning without acting. The goal of testing is to crown winners and weed-out losers. 4 Net Solutions tests to find the best mix of design, message and call-to-action for your e-mail marketing campaigns. This helps us to continue your e-mail opt-in rates and grab more conversions (inquiries, sign-ups, leads or sales) for your company.