Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)

If you need an immediate increase in targeted website traffic, turn to 4 Net Solutions for Pay Per Click in Spokane. Also called PPC, "paid search" and "paid online advertising," Pay Per Click is a highly targeted online advertising medium that can be customized for any industry or market.

Pay Per Click ads are shown as "sponsored sites", "sponsored links" or "Ads" in search engine results alongside or above the free, "organic" listings. There are a number of benefits associated with paying for PPC ads.

First, is the speed. You get immediate high placement without the wait often required to see results from organic search engine optimization.

Second, with proper tracking, you can accurately measure your ROI, all the way back to the keywords you're bidding on. With a fixed budget, this means you can divert spend from low to high ROI keywords and immediately increase return.

Third, most of the variables in a PPC campaign can be controlled and used for testing. For example, besides being able to test the particular message in your ads, you can also control the geographical area where your ads are shown (e.g. only in greater Spokane area), when (what days and times) they are shown.

PPC online advertisers set their own monthly budget of any level and are only charged when someone clicks through the ad to visit the advertiser's website.

Pay Per Click online advertising can be extremely effective in delivering fast, qualified leads. For maximum website marketing benefits and the greatest return on investment, a pay per click campaign is often combined with long-term organic SEO services.

Setup & Campaign Management of PPC

4 Net Solutions will provide expert set up and management of Pay Per Click campaigns.

Before beginning your PPC campaign, we meet with you to fully understand your goals and target market. What are your primary objectives? What are your major demographics, and what are their preferences? What are the sales and profitability figures behind your products and services? Are you targeting a local or national segment?

Based on this research, your 4 Net Solutions will:

  • Select the ideal keywords to bid on

  • Write creative copy for your ads

  • Dial-in your initial bids and settings

  • Setup analytics, conversion and call-tracking (if applicable)

  • Actively manage your campaign, based on your cost-per-lead or cost-per-sale thresholds