"Should I add a video to my website?" "What benefits are there to posting a video on my website?" "Is a video even important to my website success?"

Just about everyone realizes that the Internet is becoming video driven. But unfortunately most people over the age of 20 don't realize just how much so. More and more people are becoming spoiled (for lack of a better term) by video. In other words they literally demand it. You absolutely need to have a website video!

Major search engines have made a remarkable discovery – the bounce back rate (the rate at which people enter a site and then immediately hit the BACK button and leave without doing anything) for any given site is pretty high. Nearly 90%. That means 9 out of 10 people leave your site immediately. Why? Mostly because they don't see what they were looking for right away and go back to the search page that referred you. Only 1 in 10 stay. Now here is what Google and other search engines discovered – that rate drops to 60% when there is a video on your home page. That means 4 out of 10 people stay if a video plays when they arrive. FOUR times as many people stick around.

You don't need a marketing degree to figure out that if four times as many people stay on your site that means four times as many people are getting your message. That is a huge increase. Wouldn't you like to increase your revenues 400%? I know I would!

It is the Youtube multimedia age. People want to be entertained and educated at the same time. I call it "edutainment". They want to find out about what you do quickly and in a fun way. That way is video, a quality video that informs and entertains your web audience.

Here are some other Stats on video:

As already stated, 90% of surfers back out of a text site in 4 seconds, versus 60% if a video is on the home page. A 400% increase in retention if video is present. Surfers linger for an average of 42 seconds on a text site versus 5 minutes 50 seconds on a video site. That is an 833% increase if video is present.

Zappos,com, the record breaking online retailer with over one BILLION dollars in sales claims that products with video out sell products with static text and picture pages by over 35%, and claims a 45% increase in sales of video backed products versus static text pages.

Emarketer studied multiple product sites and concluded a 35% increase in sales conversions of products and services that had video demos, tours, or instructions instead of static pages.

Google openly "hints" that webpages with video get higher search engine rankings.

Google polled thousands of random surfers 18-40 years of age and found:

78% said that video was far more influential to their buying decision than static pages. 64% of those polled said they took some kind of action because of the video either by forwarding the video, talking to friends and family about the video, going to a retail location to see the product itself or out right purchased the product or service online.Google also has stated that a web surfer is 300% more likely to press a PLAY button and watch a product video than to click a "Learn More" button or jpeg image. 300 percent more!

But be forewarned. Just any video will not do. Today's web audience is savvy and has high standards. If your website video isn't professional and looks like you threw it together, that will have the reverse effect and actually push potential clients and customers away. So put the Flip camera down, that isn't going to save you.

Take a look at what your competitors are doing. If they're not using website video? All the better for you! You can be the first. But look around the web and see what other companies are doing to promote themselves with video on their website. Take note at your own reaction when you see something that makes you pay attention, and when it makes you shake your head and go "That's just lame!" Trust me, you will see plenty of both.

Quality website video and business video production has never been more affordable as it is now. Technology has lowered the costs of cameras and equipment for video professionals and that is reflected in price of production. If you want to stay competitive online you simply must have an engaging video about what you do. In fact, it will most likely increase your sales. In 10 years of doing online video work, every single client I have ever had says their video paid for itself many times in the business it generated them.