Joomla is an open source content management system which is used in over 40 million websites. It has been downloaded 15 million times from the official website, It contains over 5,000 modules or plug-ins which make any feature possible in websites including multi-level administration, social communities, news related sites and the list goes on and on.

One of the best things about Joomla! is how easy it is to add or modify content, including images and multimedia, and organizing and managing important data.

Here are some standard features/benefits that come with Joomla:

  • Completely database driven site engines

  • News, products, or services sections fully editable and manageable

  • Topics sections can be added to by contributing Authors

  • Fully customizable layouts including left, center, and right Menu boxes

  • Browser upload of images to your own library for use anywhere in the site

  • Dynamic Forum/Poll/Voting booth for on-the-spot results

  • Runs on Linux, FreeBSD, Mac OSX server, Solaris, and AIX

  • Change order of objects including news, FAQs, Articles etc.

  • Random Newsflash generator

  • Remote Author submission Module for News, Articles, FAQs, and Links

  • Object hierarchy - as many Sections, departments, divisions, and pages as you want

  • Image library - store all your PNGs, PDFs, DOCs, XLSs, GIFs, and JPEGs online for easy use

  • Automatic Path-Finder. Place a picture and let Joomla! fix the link

  • News Feed Manager. Easily integrate news feeds into your Web site.

  • E-mail a friend and Print format available for every story and Article

  • In-line Text editor similar to any basic word processor software

  • User editable look and feel

  • Polls/Surveys - Now put a different one on each page

  • Custom Page Modules. Download custom page Modules to spice up your site

  • Template Manager. Download Templates and implement them in seconds

  • Layout preview. See how it looks before going live

  • Banner Manager. Make money out of your site.

Why Joomla for your company's website?

Based on everything I've already mentioned, Joomla web development can save you time, money, and is extremely easy to manage. Since there are already thousands of modules/extensions available, you won't need to reinvent the wheel or create something that might normally take months to develop on its own, when Joomla already has it available. Bottom line, using Joomla is extremely beneficial and is now a top source for website development.