WebSite Assessment

I'll put your website under the microscope

I will take a really careful, close-up look at your website's design and code, as well as Google rank for any terms you specify. We will then provide you with a completely free report assessing which areas might be affecting your website's performance and what could be improved to make a difference to your conversion of visitors.

Do you have the feeling that your website needs to be upgraded? Did your website once bring in customers, but numbers have since declined? Do you suspect it might be the design or lack of search engine optimization (SEO)?

The best way to get good quality perspective and advice is secure the services of a professional web editor to give you fresh insights. But, whether you are doing it yourself, or drawing up a plan for your advisor to follow, these ten items provide a great guide.

Assessment Criteria

  • Effective navigation

  • Efficient – fast links

  • Engaging – look and content

  • E-commerce – functional

  • Encourages interactivity

  • Easy access for all

  • E-branding – strong consistent

  • Expectations met

  • Easy to learn – for admins and users

  • E- media – social, video, audio, pics galleries

A good website assessment involves technical assessment, user surveys and comparison data with similar sites. It looks at all the site design and content management platforms  available. Budgets and human resources are evaluated. Then it is all mixed together and a strategy developed. Taking the time to ask users is so valuable. They see the trees and the forest. It's important to think of website visitors as clients – even if you may not see them face-to-face.

Integrating social media is a must. Read Top Tips blog highlighting top recommendations made at the 21st Century Communications master class last week, featuring Enterprise Nation's Emma Jones. Social media is now mainstream marketing – as important as a website itself.

Don't forget to consult the World Wide Web Consortium, W3C, for tips and tools to make sure your website meets universal accessibility standards. One of the most important, and often looked over or given minor emphasis, is putting your content in plain language to make sure users understand.

Yes, it's a jungle out there. But like an adventurer, having a mapped out plan is critical. Consulting experts, who have been there before, can generate some excellent tips. And, taking it one step at a time, can help you enjoy the experience and get positive feedback from users. After all, that's who we are going through this for!